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A strategic framework for artificial intelligence in marketing Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

AI Marketing: A Complete Introduction and Overview

artificial intelligence in marketing

Furthermore, continuous analysis and segmentation by AI systems empower marketers to customize messages, promotions, and content to specific customer segments, or even to individual users. This level of personalization will help you ensure higher engagement rates and better customer retention. One particular avenue of AI in content creation comes from its role in marketing campaigns via email. EBay is a particularly good example of AI email marketing, utilizing a third party service called Phrasee and natural language processing to improve email open rates by 15.8% and improve clicks by 31.2%.

  • Intense use of and interaction with human-like AI could lead to psychological ownership and emotional attachment (e.g., Morewedge, 2021; Morewedge et al., 2021; Shu & Peck, 2011).
  • At The Coca-Cola Company, we market, manufacture, and sell beverage concentrates, syrups, and finished beverages, including sparkling soft drinks, water, sports drinks, juice, dairy, plant-based drinks, tea, and coffee.
  • Computers can’t change their minds, make creative decisions, or use their imaginations.
  • This creates both opportunities and new challenges as AI marketing develops in the coming years.
  • They can also use AI-powered chatbots or voice assistants to interact with customers in a real-time fashion and provide them with personalized recommendations and support.

There are many AI content marketing tools such as Jasper and even ChatGPT available to simplify all this for you. Using this strategy can help you maintain a consistent brand voice and free up time for strategic planning. Dynamic ads are personalized digital advertisements that automatically adapt and display relevant content to individual users based on their browsing behavior, interests, or past interactions.

Do I Need a Marketing Agency or Advertising Agency? What’s the Difference?

When feeling AI is used for customer understanding, it is as if AI can really understand emotions, when we don’t have true emotional machines yet. Such a process can become an adaptive loop that improves the product continuously based on customer feedback. Given that emotional data are personal and in context, understanding customers in context provides richer insights about who they are and what they like. The price setting task is calculation-intensive and analytical, which is the strength of thinking AI.

Online investment service Interactive Investor is just one company to recognize the benefits of this approach. The brand wanted to drive more account signups and slash customer acquisition costs through paid search, so it turned to Albert, an AI tool capable of designing and managing self-optimizing campaigns across multiple marketing channels. Predictive analytics enables you to go further so you can anticipate outcomes and develop a business strategy well in advance based on past voice of customer data. This means you can build long-term business models, conduct risk evaluations, expand market acquisitions, improve product designs and more. With such insights available, you can grow your brand by evaluating and improvising social media content, shaping sales and marketing, improving brand management, better interpreting customer intent and so much more. AI marketing can drive your omnichannel business strategies based on market segmentation, aligning your campaigns with customers who are most likely to buy your product or offering.

Improve customer experience

Data-driven marketing is when marketing teams build their strategies based on the analysis of big data. No matter how large or small your marketing team is, AI marketing tools and machine learning programs can help increase productivity, ROI and efficiency, while also processing those mountains of data your team might not have time to wrestle with otherwise. AI marketing is being used in digital marketing initiatives in a multitude of use cases, across a broad array of industries.

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