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Singapore and Canada Free Trade Agreement

Singapore and Canada Free Trade Agreement: What it Means for Businesses and Consumers

The Singapore and Canada Free Trade Agreement (SCFTA) marks a significant milestone in the economic relations between the two countries. Signed in March 2019, the agreement promises to deepen trade and investment ties while eliminating tariffs and other barriers to market access. For businesses and consumers alike, the SCFTA offers new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Benefits for Singapore Businesses

The SCFTA will allow Singapore businesses to access new markets in Canada, a wealthy country with a population of 38 million people. Singapore exporters will benefit from the removal of tariffs on goods such as electronics, chemicals, and processed food. The agreement also opens up opportunities for Singapore service providers, such as legal and accounting firms, to compete in the Canadian market. This is good news for businesses looking to expand their operations overseas.

Benefits for Canadian Businesses

Canadian businesses, in turn, will benefit from increased access to the Singaporean market. Singapore is not only a gateway to Southeast Asia, but also a hub for finance, logistics, and technology. Businesses in these sectors will find plenty of opportunities to collaborate with Singaporean partners. The SCFTA also eliminates tariffs on Canadian exports such as agricultural products, fish and seafood, and forest products. This will help Canadian businesses remain competitive in the global market.

Benefits for Consumers

Consumers in both countries can expect to benefit from the SCFTA. The elimination of duties and taxes on imported goods means that businesses can import and sell products at a lower cost. This translates to lower prices for consumers. The agreement also promotes fair competition, which means that businesses will have to compete on quality and service rather than artificial barriers to trade.


The Singapore and Canada Free Trade Agreement is a win-win situation for businesses and consumers alike. By eliminating barriers to trade, it opens up new opportunities for businesses to expand their operations and for consumers to access a wider range of products at lower prices. As a global city-state and a major player in Southeast Asia, Singapore is an ideal partner for Canada to deepen its economic ties. The SCFTA is a step in the right direction towards a more interconnected and prosperous world.